Friday, October 19, 2012

Restroom Facelift at the Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch

The Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch's restrooms got a much appreciated makeover during the summer to update some of the features that have been there since the building was constructed in 1990. These refurbishments give the restrooms a modern and presentable look while contributing to The Collins College’s sustainability efforts. 

Here are a few before and after views of the
bathroom improvements.
The old sinks have been replaced with more efficient, sensor-operated faucets and hand soap dispensers to conserve water and soap while decreasing the risk of cross-contamination. The paper towel dispensers were taken out and energy-saving Dyson Airblade hand dryers were installed to reduce the cost of paper products and the carbon footprint, as well as prevent cross-contamination with unwanted germs. Black granite counter tops replaced the worn and discolored counters. To top it all off, full length mirrors bordered with colored accent tiles were put in. 

Renovations took roughly a month and three months to plan, but were well worth the efforts. The new restrooms will benefit all of its users and the environment in the long-run.

As a part of The Collins College’s ongoing sustainability efforts and desire to better the on-campus experience for students, staff and visitors, it will be receiving more facelifts like this one in the near future. Coming soon will be new quiet study spaces in the student government room and a refurbished student lounge in Building 79B. The idea for these improvements came about from students’ requests. 

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