Thursday, November 8, 2012

Furniture Renovations at The Collins College

One of the first places people go when they visit The Collins College is the main lobby of Building 79B. As people walk through the giant glass doors, they are welcomed with a front-desk receptionist and a small lounge area. This space is designed for students to utilize as study or meeting space or for visitors to sit and wait in comfort while reading the latest issue of the Collins magazine.

In order to revamp the look of the main lobby and improve functionality, new furniture has been installed. The old fabric chairs were replaced with new, more efficient seating. The new chairs are upholstered with liquid and dirt repelling fabric for easy maintenance and are equipped with tablet arms for users to work on laptops or write on a hard surface. When it comes to productivity, The Collins College did not forget about all the lefties out there; a couple of the tablet arms were put in to accommodate left-handed people. To accent the chairs, the small round tables were refinished for a cleaner look.

The renovations improve with flexibility, durability and are of a more aesthetic quality than the previous furniture. Keep on the lookout for more makeovers like this in the future. 


  1. I second the painting-over skepticism. It might take some nasty oil-based paint, primer, deglosser, etc., but you can definitely paint over them and I think it would make a HUGE difference. I think you'll be much happier with that than with mis-matching them, as I'm afraid things will just look a little jumbled. cheap furniture