Thursday, February 28, 2013

A New Generation of Learning

Remember when messy chalkboards went out-of-date and sleek dry-erase boards were the way to go? Many classrooms throughout Cal Poly Pomona have gone completely with digital multimedia instructor stations and projectors. 

All of these are things of the past. 

The Collins College aims at making an even bigger step toward the future of education by adopting a new and improved method of learning with a flex classroom. Plans to transform the Hilton Great Room into a flex classroom are underway and will be completed this spring.

“The new Hilton Flex Classroom will be a dynamic instructional environment that will contain an enhanced array of presentation and interactive technologies in a flexible room design,” said Dean Andy Feinstein.

The new Hilton flex classroom will have the ability to form itself to the class subject and needs of the students, and will serve as a blueprint for transforming existing classrooms on campus into more dynamic learning settings. 

The room will feature four interactive projectors, five Apple TVs, a Blu-ray/DVD player, a PC computer, a surround audio system with a wireless microphone, two independent points of control, a ceramicsteel markerboards with two smaller size, portable markerboards; 24 mobile chevron-shaped tables, and a mobile lectern and instructor station.  

All of this advanced technology and equipment will allow for interactive student participation. The markerboards will permit students and instructors to electronically or physically write on the board while the image is displayed on the projector.

Presentations can be flawlessly facilitated with the incorporation of five Apple TVs, which will allow students and faculty to bring their personal mobile devices to display photos, videos and feature presentations.

The technology found in this new flex classroom will be completely supported via the campus I&IT network and Help Desk, and the room will have wireless network capabilities.

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