Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quiet Study Lounge Now Open

Students were thrilled with the opening of the computer lab at the beginning of the school year, and asked the Dean Andy Feinstein for another space where they could study quietly by themselves.

The old student government room in 79B-1215 was underutilized and served mostly as a storage room for clubs, so with private donations, The Collins College decided to renovate the room into a quiet study lounge where students can get away from the excitement or noise of the student lounge or computer lab and crack open the books – or a laptop.

Now open, the quiet study lounge features a dozen study carrels which allow for privacy and efficiency. Each carrel has its own power strip with three outlets to plug laptops, iPads, phone chargers or any mobile devices in need of a power source. An overhead lamp on every station lets users control the lighting on his or her desk for optimal comfort. As an added convenience, the partition has temporary storage capability to free up desktop space.

Students don’t have to worry about rushing around looking for a printer for that paper that was due yesterday. The quiet study lounge has a black and white printer station for student use with a similar setup to that in the computer lab.  For anyone who does not already have the software to print installed in their laptop, the software to access the printer in the room can be requested and downloaded at the reception desk on the second floor of building 79B.

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